About Us

Karpata Corporate Finance Group LLC is a small company with big company results. When your company is in growth mode and looking for a suite of professionals that can deliver on all your corporate finance needs, you can look at Karpata Corporate Finance Group. Enclosed a brief overview of some of the corporate finance and business development services Karpata Corporate Finance Group (“Karpata”) offers.

Capital Advisory Services: Karpata’s capital advisory services division is focused on providing clients with the fastest and most cost-effective solution to meet their capital needs and to identify and minimize risk in the process. Karpata‘s capital advisory program works through a three-step program. These steps include (1) capital raise preparation, (2) appointment setting, strategic introductions, and road show coordination, and (3) capital raise closing.

Mergers and Acquisitions: Karpata is a full-service M&A firm focused on providing sell-side and buy-side advisory services to companies with $5 million – $250 million in annual revenue. Karpata’s approach to selling and acquiring companies is targeted and global. Our success is based on providing each of our clients with industry specific opportunities and options other M&A firms cannot deliver.

Due Diligence Coordination: Karpata has the financial and operational expertise to conduct or prepare for in-depth acquisition, financing, and industry due diligence analysis and review. Karpata works with private and public companies, real estate owners, private equity funds and individual investors, providing due diligence services throughout the transaction cycle.

Investor Relations: Karpata provides a full range of investor relations services. The goal is to formulate a clear and concise message for the investment community and the stakeholders of your company. Our goal, like yours, is to build an audience of loyal followers and investors through consistent and frequent communication.

Corporate Secretary Representation: For both new and existing companies, Karpata can take care of the following necessary corporate activities: (1) recurring corporation commission compliance filings; (2) manage routine corporate changes; (3) document shareholder, board, and executive actions; (4) coordinate state, federal, and international regulatory filings; and establish customized activities and protocols to meet your corporate requirements.

Other Services Include:

  • Business Development Services
  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Business Planning
  • Financial Modeling
  • Industry Analysis

Karpata’s goal is to remain small and highly personalized. Our industry focus is extremely narrow and has a great grasp on what is happening day to day. I look forward to exploring how Karpata Corporate Finance Group can be of service to you and your team.

Thank you for choosing Karpata Corporate FInance Group